Thursday, 21 June 2018

Kissa Kejri Ka

[Ever since Arvind Kejriwal and three ministers of the AAP govt. in Delhi engaged in an impromptu sit-in in the visitor's room of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, I have been posting short, sarcastic and critical pieces in Facebook. In the 9-days of sordid drama, a range of political events happened. It might be of some 'archival' interest to place all the posts in order. Each individual post is bulleted, most posts contain a link to some report.]

  • Kejriwal is in the news again. After being summarily dismissed by Delhi Congress, he is trying to cosy up to BJP. He is one of the filthiest conman in Indian politics. Those who decided to remain with him for a taste of false power after he kicked out Prashant Bhusan, Yogendra Yadav, Ajit Jha, and others, are equally suspect.

  • Four idiots.

Arvind Kejriwal and three Delhi ministers were seen sitting in couches and working their phones in photos tweeted on Tuesday morning, after they spent the night at the Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal's Raj Niwas in protest. One of the ministers, Satyendra Jain, has launched an indefinite fast.

  • I wouldn't mind joining a sit-in so comfortable with food and drinks coming from home. But this is meant to be for the "leaders" of Aam Aadmi Party.

For the aam aadmi, it isn't easy hanging around in jantar mantar with no decent loo to pee.

·    The visitor's room in LG's office is a public place with public property. By occupying it conman Kejriwal & Co. are engaged in a totally illegal act. If you and I did it, we would have been thrown out on the streets by Delhi police, and FIR booked.
The LG should perform his constitutional obligation and order the same for these four idiots. Let them continue with their fast in the open in Jantar Mantar at 41 degrees temp. I guarantee they'll flee in no time.
Remember the last time conman Kejri attempted the fasting drama? He gave up in three days when he couldn't attract any crowd. LG must learn from that.

  •  With 67 MLAs in the so-called Delhi assembly, AAP could mobilize just a few hundred to protest the 'inaction' of the LG. And the only 'opposition' leader they could rope in is ex-Sanghi Yaswant Sinha. Conman Kejri was not even invited by the combined opposition for Rahul Gandhi's Iftar party.

  • Without going into the merits of her 'arguments', two conclusions seem to follow from Brinda Karat's piece on conman Kejriwal.

Since they also have nowhere to go, the CPM leadership may join the four idiots in an adjacent room. There must be another room with public-funded AC and sofas.
If Modi agrees to grant full statehood to Delhi, CPM will campaign for BJP in 2019.
No wonder.
  • And conman Kejri with his ministers are having a party in the LG's smoke-free, air-conditioned visitor's room.

·      Kejri offers olive branch to Modi (Sir please help). I think Modi will now oblige after reaching a (secret but binding) deal about 2019. Modi will also be seen as the real boss who truly cares for people's plight.
"Delhi's ruling AAP on Thursday sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi's intervention to end the "strike" by the IAS officers as there has been no communication from the LG's office over the sit-in protest by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet colleagues." (Times of India 14 June)

·       All that Kejri needs to do is to (i) expel the goons charged with assaulting the Chief Secretary, (ii) issue a stern warning to his cadres, (iii) meet the Chief Secretary in his chambers and apologise on behalf of the party, and (iv) assure security to the officers.
But he can't do that. AAP by now is thoroughly lumpenized. If he punishes his goons, they'll simply shift to other parties. Kejri didn't learn anything from the CPM's historic downfall in Bengal. No wonder (only) CPM is backing him in a unity of the homeless.

·     I am not denying that the present impasse in Delhi is partly orchestrated by Central govt in connivance with LG. You can't complain about your political rivals adopting their strategies.
The only issue is that Kejriwal & Co. fell in the trap. That's why I've been calling them four idiots. They can now come out of it only with their tails between legs.

  • Support from academics and politicians 'pouring in'?

Academics : Ram Guha, hehe hihi
Politicians : Yaswant Sinha, Sitaram Yechury, hehehehe.
(Read carefully the statements from Mamata, Akhilesh, Tejaswi)

  • Dharna over with tail between legs?

1. Kejri meeting Mamata. Where? Where? Will Mamata visit LG's visiting room? Will she be allowed? Even Kejri's wife was not allowed. Once Kejri comes out, will he be allowed in? 
2. Kejri to address rally. Where? Where? In LG's visitor room?Once Kejri comes out, will he be allowed in? 
Of course, Kejri will then complain that LG didn't allow him to continue with the dharna.
Are you guys going to buy that?

·       Right now, statehood for Delhi is a completely false issue, a red herring. Statehood cannot be granted with a govt. in power, they were NOT elected under full statehood. We do not know if people in Delhi want Kejriwal & Co. to enjoy power of full statehood. They were elected just to govern a municipality under LG's command. They have failed in this task.
For statehood to happen, current govt. will have to resign, President's rule imposed, statutes changed, and fresh elections conducted under new statutes.
In any case, we should resist statehood right now because otherwise conman Kejri will campaign for Modi. 

  • Excellent statement from Sheila Dixit. Hits the nail. Conman Kejri should either back off and get to work or resign.

·     I think the deal has been reached with Modi govt. that the four idiots will be 'forcefully' evicted from LG's house on "medical' grounds.
This is more honourable than picking them up by the scruff and then kicking them out of the door. The video wouldn't have been pretty.

·    I finally got it. Kejriwal suffers from a permanent delusion (Ryle would have called it "category mistake"). Less said the better about cronies that surround him.
In reality, Kejriwal is a municipality boss who is guided by superior IAS officers and commanded by LG. But he thinks he is the prime minister of the country.
He needs treatment, not solidarity.

  • Kejriwal blows his chance again.

As predicted in these columns, Mamata not allowed entry. Since Mamata came all the way, conman Kejri should have come out to greet her outside the gate. Obviously, he wouldn't have been allowed in again.
This would have given him a good excuse to avoid joining the indefinite fast with his colleagues. Now the moral pressure is building up on him (and the other conman Gopal Rai).

  • Kejriwal & Co. have an unpleasant surprise awaiting them tomorrow. The people of Delhi have turned away from him. The rank and file hijacked from Congress have started returning to the parent organisation.
Kejriwal wants his dharna against his own officers to turn into an anti - fascist struggle. The 'leftism' of Delhi enables him to do so.

  •  Yes, four CMs did lend support to conman Kejri. But who are these people?

Each of these are deeply troubled with the resurgence of Congress and have little chance of national leadership if Congress keeps growing. These are the advocates of the suicidal 'non-BJP non-Congress' third front.
In showing 'solidarity' with Kejri in Delhi, they affirm their preferences. It has little to do with Kejri's deep plight. Except for hapless Vijayan who hardly gets a chance in Delhi, all others have long BJP-affiliations.
And yes, "We will request the PM to solve the problem". That's exactly what Modi wants. He is the boss.

·       Modi and Kejri are birds of the same flock. They both came to power on the totally fake anti-corruption wave orchestrated by corporate media. Their common aim was the destruction of Congress-led UPA.
In Delhi, BJP cannot be defeated unless AAP is eliminated from the scene. Hence, Congress is doing nothing because the 'development' claims of both AAP and BJP have been exposed.
Obviously, BJP and AAP know this too. So the current problem will be 'solved' by BJP and AAP coming to some 'understanding' under Modi's benevolent guidance. Conman Kejri opened the game by vowing to campaign for BJP. After sufficient humiliation of AK, BJP will respond by allowing AAP to function normally.

·      Everyone knows that 'statehood' is a red herring. As usual, people who call themselves 'left-liberals' have missed the plot, perhaps deliberately.

·       AAP public march TOTAL FLOP. With 67 MLAs, they could not mobilize even 1000 people. Only some lumpen characters are making some noise led by Chaddha, Marlena and don Sanjay Singh. Watch sky shots.
People of Delhi have decisively moved away from AAP. Kejriwal & Co. must resign.

·     Except for Congress, most non-BJP parties are making a fool of themselves by supporting conman Kejriwal. Yechury is the saddest character in all this.
It has lifted the stature of Modi and BJP.

·       Other than BJP, only the Congress understands the real character of Kejri and AAP from the ground (and of course Bhusan, Yogendra and others in Delhi and Punjab). Over time, they've learned to deal with this character. The effort is beginning to pay dividends.
All other armchair intelligentsia masquerading as 'progressive' and 'democratic' are convenient fools for Arvind to play around with. The most pathetic of them is Sitaram Yechury who has nowhere to go.

·       To Repeat.
Now that AAP's misdeeds are thoroughly exposed by his own officers, and its 'rally' was a pathetic show, it is difficult for Kejri to get out of the situation unless, to repeat, he voluntarily
(i) expels the goons charged with assaulting the Chief Secretary, (ii) issues a stern warning to his cadres, (iii) meets the Chief Secretary in his chambers and apologises on behalf of the party, and (iv) assures security to the officers.
In any case, Modi is going to order him to do the same. If Kejri wishes to survive for some more time, it's better he does these things himself.
P.S. Vague paper 'solidarity' from the likes of Naidu, Mamata, Kumarswami, Shatrughna Sinha, Yaswant Sinha, Shiv Sena etc. won't help.  (Vijayan, Yechury are pathetic exceptions).

·       AAP Roadshow.
In the face of monumental lies from AAP chuntmen, it is important to know what the AAP 'rally' really meant.
AAP has 67 out of 70 MLAs in Delhi. They've been in power for over 3 years during which they've organised (mostly paid) cadre in every corner of Delhi. Conman's drama was telecast live.They took SIX days to organize the rally. They chose a Sunday late afternoon. Luckily the weather turned out to be mild.
Even then they could not muster more than 2000 in spacious central Delhi. (I am told a good deal of money and other things were on offer).
Even Kanhaiya Kumar's arrest drew many more people on the streets. 

·       Totally isolated from all quarters and rejected by the people, Kejriwal is beginning to back off with tail between his legs. He has already offered 'olive branch' to IAS officers. It is unlikely that, sensing blood, the people will let him go without some form of public apology.
Conman Kejri and his smart-alec, chalu cohorts like Raghav Chaddha are once again looking at the end of the road. But Chaddha will be taking the night-flight to London anyway. (Not mentioning other names for now)
So much for the 'Left-liberal intellectual' fools such as Sitaram Yechury who supported a conman for defending 'democracy', 'federalism', 'people's choice' and other fancy stuff.

·       So how many delhites attended yesterday's 'march'?
AAP people are saying 45000-50000!! 
Most mainstream news channels are just saying 'thousands' or 'thousands and thousands', Hindu says '5000'.
BJP says '2000'. So do I, on the basis of careful study of aerial shots. No wonder I am often called a sanghi.

·       The Week That Will Be.
1. Since High Court has pulled conman Kejri for illegal occupation of LG's official quarters, he must leave by Thursday or HC will direct the police to arrest him and throw him out on Friday.
2. Since Modi-BJP-LG understand (1), they'll do nothing to make it easy for Kejri to leave with his dignity in place. (unless Kejri submits to some deal BJP wants).
3. IAS officers have already demanded WRITTEN assurances from Kejri. I am sure they'll and should demand public apology from him. Also, they will NOT furnish any paper agreeing to attend meetings.
4. Kejri will have to eat humble pie, sign everything IAS people want, and crawl out of that room in the dark before Friday.
5. IAS officers will keep leaking most damaging evidence of AAP ministers, especially Kejriwal, not attending to official work, plundering money etc.
6. AAP will try to organize some mass resistance that will fall flat. Since permission will not be given, leaders will be arrested (including Yechury if he shows up again; if he doesn't, he'll be chicken). If there's a signature campaign as planned, questions will arise about their authenticity.
7. BJP, Congress and media will raise the pitch for further exposure and inquiry, flood AAP govt. with complaints from the citizens, many cases filed before various authorities including courts against the latest misdemeanors of Kejri & Co. to make them run from pillar to post.
It ain't going to be pretty. (not using any emoticon)

·       Conman Kejri's latest attempt to sneak in as the PM in 2019 has failed. In the process, he has permanently damaged his party and the credibility of its leaders. As with Goa, Punjab and Haryana, the AAP infestation in Delhi will soon be over. BJP has gained a fresh lease of life in Delhi.
Thankfully, it'll be basically Congress vs BJP once again.

·    At its original state during 2013-15, AAP contained a range of wonderful people: Prasant Bhusan, Yogendra Yadav, Shanti Bhusan, Rajmohan Gandhi, Medha Patkar, Soni Sori, Damayanti Kalra, Uday Kumar, Dharam Vir Gandhi, many others.
There was a vision, a noble future of both construction and resistance. By 2015, most had disappeared ENTIRELY due to ugly manipulations orchestrated by conman Kejriwal. In 2015, he filled up the party with goons and Congress leftovers.
I must concede there are still some decent people in AAP despite the megalomaniac Kejriwal: Atishi Marlena, Manish Sodia, Satyendra Jain, and a few others below the ranks.
They are now being made sacrificial lambs for Kejriwal's vile personal ambitions. Two of them are in the hospital.
If these people dump Kejriwal and reorganize the party, they'll again be supported by many people, including me for whatever it's worth.
If they don't, they'll perish. Lock, stock and barrel.

·       Congress is absolutely right in not supporting conman Kejriwal in his self - inflicted trouble.
'Lefties' like Yechury and a host of armchair intellectuals just don't understand the politics in Delhi. Bringing in issues of democracy, federalism etc. are totally meaningless.
It is far more important for Congress to grab all 7 seats next year to demolish BJP than to fan the 'alliance' with seedy Kejriwal.

I am very very sorry that in an earlier post (yesterday, The week that will be) I unknowingly spread disinformation about c. Kejriwal.
I suggested that c. Kejriwal can avoid going to jail on Friday if he submits a public apology to the chief secretary by Thursday and leaves the guest room.
I now know that that option is not available to c. Kejriwal. Since the case of the assault on chief secretary in c. Kejri's house is now in court, any apology from c. Kejriwal amounts to belated admission of guilt of the very serious charge of assaulting a very senior public servant (section 353 CPrC) ). A guilty verdict implies substantial imprisonment (up to 4 years). And automatic removal from all public posts FOR LIFE.
I hope opportunist fools like Mamata, Yechury, Naidu, Kumarswami and others know what it means legally to support a criminal.

·       Fishing in muddy waters of Delhi politics.
Mamata's latest attempt to gain national prominence in Delhi by supporting Kejriwal has failed. In fact, she might turn out to be an accomplice in criminal trespass.
It is a disastrous political move by CPM to support the known crook Kejriwal in association with dubious characters like Mamata, Naidu and Kumarswami who have long pro-BJP record.
People of Delhi will remember these characters.

  •   Exactly as predicted by me (yesterday, 'The Week that will be'), Kejriwal's agony grows.

Sensing blood, the IAS officers have now suggested a formal meeting with CM (not DyCM) under following conditions:
1. LG will not attend 2. Head of bureaucracy Chief Secretary will attend 3. Meeting to be held in Delhi Secretariat 4. CM must give concrete measures for security 5. CM must apologize for assault on chief secretary.
For this, c. Kejri will have to crawl out of the visitor's room WITHOUT any of his concerns addressed. He will be required to do things which he could have done FOUR MONTHS ago. He subjected the entire city to total anarchy for nothing.
Apart from total humiliation of c. Kejri, it'll also show the stupidity (or the blatant opportunism of the entire opposition clan consisting of Mamata, Yechury, Naidu, Kumarswami, and other right-wing jokers).

  •   Bogus analysis.
Totally confused, opportunistic piece, a failed attempt to turn 'democratic' by this discredited political 'commentator', a Modi-Bhakt just a while ago. Naturally, he'll find a soul-mate in the confirmed crook Kejriwal and his lumpen-rule. The 'mandate' for AAP is long gone, just as with the Left Front in Bengal in early 2000.
The present 'crisis' in Delhi is nothing but the outcome of a megalomaniac, failed 'crusader' aiming for national limelight in these volatile times. He is now wriggling in mud of his own creation. Congress is absolutely right in condemning this crook to his fate.

·       During my tenure in DU, I used to be appointed as a university expert in many DU colleges as a matter of professorial routine. In one such college, a local Congress goon was somehow appointed as the new chairman. Soon he started creating troubles for the principal, interfering in regular business, etc. The hapless principal told me, 'Sir he's behaving as if he has joined service (unko lag raha hai ki naukri lag gai)'.
Same with Arvind Kejriwal. He thinks he's been appointed as a head of state or something.

·       C. Kejri has crawled back home with totally empty hands.
1. The LG didn't meet him.
2. The LG didn't order the officers to end strike.
3. The LG said nothing about door to door delivery.
4. The LG has ORDERED c. Kejri to leave the visitor room.
5. The LG has ordered c. Kejri to meet chief secretary and IAS officers in Delhi Secretariat to respond to the demands of IAS officers (see my post below). He'll certainly be asked to apologize (possibly verbally, hope someone makes a recording for posterity).
6. Some IAS officers have started attending 'unsafe' meetings after long written assurances from both CM c. Kejri and DyCM Sisodia.
c. Kejri got nothing. In fact, he is now officially the offender who is required to apologize for his misconduct. Let's see what the courts say. He has already licked the boots of Arun Jaitley and Nitin Gadkari. I am sure Congress will now take him to court for insulting Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and others.
Any person with self-esteem would have resigned

·       After total defeat for AAP and abject humiliation of Kejriwal, I am sure AAP will soon take out a 'victory' rally with conman Kejri grinning from the top of an elephant or something.
Any person with minimum sense of self-dignity would have resigned. But then we are dealing with one of the filthiest crooks in Indian politics.

·       The latest l'affaire conman Kejriwal has conclusively proved that Mamatadidi (TMC) has CPM in leash by now. They now follow her and bark whenever she commands.
With this, Yechury, Vijayan etc. have joined the current legion of con(wo)man politicians in the country along with the redoubtable Chandrababu Naidu, HD Kumarswami, Uddhav Thakrey, MK Stalin, Yaswant Sinha, Shatrughna Sinha--all with strong sanghi connection.
Notice Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Lalu/Tejaswi Yadav, Mayawatiji, and the entire range of grassroots activists--not counting Harsh Mander types--have refused to support c. Kejri.

·       C. Kejri's meeting with officers cancelled.
Good that c. Kejriwal is taking a break before the court hearings on Friday. Since BJP is not going to withdraw the cases it had filed, the hearing will take place. Who knows what happens?
The case is sub judice, I'll keep mum. 

  • Conman Kejriwal is God's gift to Modi.
BJP's vote-share in Delhi increases to 40%. With division of non-BJP vote, BJP will win hands down. As Sourabh Bharadwaj, AAP spokesman reveals, AAP's plan is to destroy Congress even if BJP gains.
Is Sitaram Yechury listening?
  • Kejriwal bhaagaa. 
After crawling out of LG's visitor room without accomplishing anything, c. Kejri is now proceeding, in a few hours, to Bengaluru to be hospitalized for 15 days. The hospitalization enables him to,
1. avoid meeting IAS officers, as ordered by the LG, to admit his guilt,
2. avoid appearing before the court tomorrow where he is most likely to be asked to submit to law.
When I was summoned by Delhi police in February 2016 for speaking at an 'anti-national' meeting, I consulted a very well-known rights advocate in Delhi who immediately advised me to get admitted in a hospital to avoid arrest. I didn't heed the advise for I had nothing to hide and wanted to confront the police. People fleeing from law have different priorities.
Meanwhile, in Delhi the stand-off continues with IAS officers.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Case of Bidyut Chakravarty

Over two years ago, I posted a fairly long piece in Facebook to protest the vicious character assassination of Prof. Bidyut Chakravarty, the eminent professor of political science in Delhi University. I had to engage in considerable research including perusal of legal documents to prepare the piece. In response, some of the Delhi left-liberal academic mafia, whose deeds were thoroughly exposed in the piece, abused me in the filthiest language, accusing me of defending a sexual harasser to remain close to power. Needless to say, a range of these people blocked/unfriended me in Facebook.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the piece I had forgotten about was in fact fully cited in a blog at that time. I am reproducing the piece below for posterity.

Left mafia at work Again
Nirmalangshu Mukherji
A familiar array of left-liberal intellectuals of Delhi has ganged-up against Professor Bidyut Chakravarty of Delhi University. Professor Chakravarty is a very senior political scientist with an outstanding academic record. Very very few academicians in the country, especially in the discipline of political science, can match his amazing publication record and vast international recognition. To date he has over two dozen books to his credit, all published by very prestigious publications (OUP, Routledge, Sage, etc.) mostly from abroad. I leave it to the reader to judge how his colleagues might have reacted to his eminence in the narrow-minded academia of Delhi.
To cut a long story short, a case of sexual harassment was initiated against Prof. Chakravarty and the matter was placed before the Apex Committee formed under Visakha guidelines vide Act XV-D of Delhi University. I will not comment on the constitution and the proceedings of the said committee on this case except to note that it is quite possible that the members of the committee—mostly fellow women academicians themselves—might have been politically connected to the opponents of Prof. Chakravarty in his faculty.
The said committee placed its findings before Delhi University and the report was deliberated in the Executive Council on 8.10.2007. The Apex committee itself recommended fairly mild strictures against Prof. Chakravarty: 1. A letter of warning should be issued to him. 2. He should be asked to step down from the Directorship of Gandhi Bhawan. 3. He should be debarred from all administrative posts and supervisory duties in the University for a period of three years. EC accepted these recommendations and acted accordingly. There was no recommendation for suspension, removal, demotion, and the like. Note that the operative period of these strictures ended on 7.10.2010.
Despite the mild nature of the strictures, Prof. Chakravarty challenged every aspect of the EC order. In the High Court, he (a) questioned ACT XV-D suggesting it violates various articles of constitution, (b) sought quashing of the strictures, (c) challenged the procedure of the Apex committee in not allowing him to cross-question the accuser, (d) sought quashing of appointment of another HOD in his place.
The accuser had also filed an FIR charging Prof. Chakravarty with abusive verbal behaviour and molestation, same as the charges before the Apex Committee. Prof. Chakravarty also appealed to High Court for quashing the FIR. [This aspect of the case is consistently suppressed by the mafia]
Apparently, FOUR things happened.
(1) In its judgment of 29 May 2009, the division bench of Sikri and Jain ordered as follows: (i) They upheld the validity of XV-D (naturally); (ii) Refused to interfere with the appointment of new HOD; (iii) They found very serious infirmities in the procedure of the Apex Committee in denying justice and fair trial to Prof. Chakravarty including item (c) above. AS SUCH THE HIGH COURT SET ASIDE THE EC RESOLUTION OF 2007 AND ABSOLVED PROF. CHAKRAVARTY OF ALL CHARGES.
(2) The bench of Justice Dhingra at High Court on 5 October 2010 considered the police report following the FIR and observed: “In view of the fact that there was no evidence that the alleged incident had taken place or the petitioner had threatened the complainant or molested her as alleged, rather the sequence of events shows that the scolding had taken place on the employees on their no being present during working hours, I consider that no proceedings could be initiated against the petitioner keeping in view the charge-sheet filed by the police which was more in the nature of a closure report. I, therefore, allow this petition.’’ THUS, TWO JUDGMENTS OF THE HIGH COURT SEPARATELY ABSOLBED PROF. CHAKRAVARTY OF ALL CHARGES, BOTH ON GROUNDS OF PROCEDURE AND EVIDENCE.
(3) However, since Delhi University failed to take remedial measure following court judgments, Prof. Chakravarty appealed to High Court seeking contempt of Court. On May 7, 2010, The Hindu, reported on the court order as follows: 
“The Delhi High Court has let off Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental lightly in a contempt of court case after the University informed the Court that it had inadvertently informed Professor Bidyut Chakrabarty of the Political Department that it was still keeping alive two memorandums whereby he was held guilty of sexual harassment and barred from holding any administrative post for three years on that basis. A Division Bench of the High Court had in May last year quashed the two memorandums on a petition filed by Prof. Chakrabarty challenging them. Prof. Chakrabarty had received information about the University still putting reliance on the two memorandums despite their being quashed by the Court in reply to an application filed by him under the Right to Information Act. Following the receipt of the information, Prof. Chakrabarty filed a contempt petition against Prof. Pental. The University had earlier informed the petitioner in reply to the contempt petition that once the two memorandums had been quashed no further action against him would be taken. Counsel for the University further informed the Court that the person who replied to the RTI query had not seen the judgment. Following the admission of the faux pas by the University, the Court disposed of the petition saying no further order was required to be passed. While disposing of the petition, Justice G. S. Sistani said the University, as promised to the Court, shall within a week take steps to inform the Department concerned about the two memorandums being set aside.
(4) Since the issue of cross-examination of accuser in sexual harrassment cases under Visakha was a knotty issue, it reached the Supreme Court following direction sought by Prof. Chakravarty. The Supreme Court deliberated ONLY on the matter, in complete ignorance of the judgments of the High Court. In its order of 7 May, 2010, SC gave relief to Prof. Chakravarty by appointing a court commissioner to cross-examine the accuser on behalf of Prof. Chakravarty. Having passed merely the procedural order, the Supreme Court closed the matter at its end.
To emphasize, SC was not seized with HC judgments and had not set the HC judgments aside. Nor had the HC re-initiated the procedure to start a fresh inquiry on the case. As noted, the HC had in fact closed the case after obtaining assurance from Delhi University that no further action will be taken against Prof. Chakravarty.
Nonetheless, on receiving procedural clarification from SC, the University proceeded with the inquiry once again in clear violation of THREE HC orders since it never sought directions from the Supreme Court in view of the orders of the High Court. As it so happened (probably due to internal pressure from influential opponents of Prof. Chakravarty in the university), the Apex Committee went through the process again without any sanction from High Court and once again placed its findings before EC in 2012. Notice that the operative period of the EC resolution 114 of 2007 had already expired way back in 2010. Even then the EC proceeded to adopt resolution 235 of 21.3.2012 reaffirming resolution 114 in complete violation of High Court orders and without any fresh sanction from Supreme Court.
Prof. Chakravarty reportedly was outside the country during the period 2010-12 on a prestigious academic appointment. His response to the new inquiry was never sought, nor was he given a copy of the resolution to proceed against it if he so desired. Also, except for adopting a vitiated, mala fide resolution after the fact, the university did nothing since the operative period had long lapsed. Obviously, unless otherwise explained, the entire operation was conducted viciously in the absence Prof. Chakravarty to create a piece of paper against him despite assurances before the court not to take any action against him.
Now, an influential group of left-liberal academicians, who masquerade as defenders of tolerance and plural voices, are flaunting this filthy piece of paper to defame Prof. Chakravarty in the name of citizens of India just because Prof. Chakravarty’s name has appeared as one of the possible candidates for Vice-Chancellorship of Delhi University.

Nirmalangshu Mukherji Kavita KrishnanNaveen GaurAyesha KidwaiAbha Dev HabibVijay SinghAli JavedMohan RaoPoonam KaushikSundeep DougalShuddhabrata Sengupta, Kamal Chenoy, Purushottam Agrawal